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Thinking Your Way To Success

Do you often envision yourself achieving great things, and then follow this up with a negative thought process? Do you talk yourself out of your dreams before you even begin to pursue them? If so, you need to change the way you think. When you change your thought processes to...

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How To Overcome A Negative Mindset

Unfortunately negativity can take over your life without you really knowing it. It’s perfectly normal to be in a bad mood every now and then, but sometimes you’ll be so overwhelmingly negative that it’ll get in the way of reaching your goals. Having a negative attitude hurts...

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How To Stay On Track When You Lack Self Control

For many people, self-control is the one skill they lack the most. A recent study that included the 50 U. S. States and over 50 other countries asked people to list their character strengths. Out of all the traits, self-control came last. What is self-control? It’s the ability to...

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10 Must Have Communication Skills For Life And Work

Communication skills are a better predictor of success than intelligence. Most of us have jobs that require communicating with others, whether it’s verbal or written. Your boss, coworkers, and clients are all subjected to your communication skills. We all have to communicate with the people in our lives. Our...

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Are You Living A Well Balanced Life?

How do you know if you’re living a well-balanced life? Or how do you even define it? You can say that it’s a life that has all the resources and activities that you most desire. It largely avoids feelings of sacrifice. A balanced life isn’t for those...

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The Damage That Complaining Can Cause

We complain because we hope it will lighten our burdens, but it usually makes them feel heavier. We start exaggerating our troubles, and our gloom spreads to those around us. Pretty soon, minor irritations loom larger, and our health may decline. In fact, a famous study by Stanford University found...

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