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How To Start Attracting Positive Relationships

As we travel through our life’s journey, many different relationships will come into our lives. Some of them will be wonderful and long lasting; while others, unfortunately, may be short term or unhappy. Ask yourself, do you seem to attract more negative relationships than positive? although we strive to...

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How To Stop Arguing About Money In Your Marriage

Marital arguments about money have been going on since the invention of money. While all arguments can take their toll, disagreements over finances can be particularly distressing. Studies show that money issues are among the leading causes of divorce! This is a worthwhile subject to get under control. Not only...

Paid-members RelationshipsDating

7 Ways to Heal After a Bad Breakup

Even if your latest relationship only lasted a few weeks you can still experience heartbreak that can leave you feeling lost and physically ill. There may not be a magic formula you can use to take away this pain, but there are coping mechanisms that you can use to help....

Paid-members RelationshipsDating

How to Meet Someone When You're Introverted

Have you ever felt misunderstood or overwhelmed by conventional dating advice? Are you tired of hearing about how “dating is just a numbers game”? Much of conventional relationship advice doesn’t take introversion into account. Introverts are people who focus inward and tend to be more in touch with their...

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